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Stop posting long-form Content to Services Where you Don't Control It

I have run across a few posts on Twitter recently generated via, and I’d like to encourage people to #ownyourcontent and not write it on these sorts of services.

Create a, it’s free. Write posts there and have them automatically posted to twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Mastodon. If/when you want to turn your into a “real blog”, you’ll have your content there, not buried in Twitter, making the Silicon Valley bigwigs and VC’s rich at your expense.

As a bonus, can read and re-post other feeds, so when I post something on my actual blog, it appears on my too, and gets forwarded elsewhere.

(BTW, this isn’t a slam of, which looks cool … I just think the whole concept is misguided)

(Normallly I post longer things like this on my actually blog, but it seemed appropriate to post this directly to my The free url is, but I pay a few bucks a month so it appears as