Sadly, the last one isn’t satire …. 😡 You Are Now Browsing In Incognito Mode - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

One less myth… Rice Is for Dinner, Not Repair - iFixit

“Chrome has become surveillance software, it’s time to switch” (love the corny video in the article, too!) Is Firefox better than Chrome? It comes down to privacy. - The Washington Post

What could be more American than a VR game called “Vacation Simulator”? Presumably one plays this while working late?

(Ok ok, I haven’t played it yet, and the videos are cute, but you gotta admit, sometimes the snark writes itself)

Nice map on Hollywood for Atlanta. I wish I could place bombs like Daco. Up 2-1! #LetItReign

Go ATLANTA! Love a team that tries (and wins with) the non-standard comp. excellent that it was on Well, the site of Dafran’s Torb debut!


Not liking those peach jerseys …. didn’t take long for the butt emoji joke to drop, either #letitreign

I find it interesting how my blackberry bushes seem to have one berry ripening first per cluster

Please stop posting on Medium. You’re putting your content behind a closed paywall. (And you’re associating yourself with uncountable garbage “think pieces”.)

Start your own blog. Own it.

Try or (I use and love them). Or Wordpress. Or pages

Apple, “computers for everyone!”, finally releases a powerful desktop (first time in > 10 years).

Costs > $10000 …

I guess they expected us to stash $1000/year since we bought the last real mac pro? (ignoring that vanity garbage can thing)