The good part about often making dumb typos in your code is that you develop some fine (and high speed) debugging skills. So there’s that.


ACM UIST conference is in New Orleans in Oct. I’m looking forward to it, because I love both UIST and New Orleans.

But academics can be so unwise at conferences; I’m going to be taking my X100F, and pondering what I should call the photo series. “Academics Gone Wild?”

At Alabama, the appearance of students as props in the end zone, and a happy football coach, are both more important that student’s privacy rights.

Yet another reason to #endtheNCAA

Finally replacing the Gateron Red (linear) switches with Kailh Speed Bronze (light clicky) ones. I hate typing on the linear ones, vs the clicky.

This coming Thursday, there’s a Democratic Debate, and the Atlanta Reign are playing an elimination playoff game in the finals of OWL.

Such a hard choice. I’d really like to see what Warren has to say. But unless she brushes up on her aim and tracking, that’s unlikely to happen

There you have it.

Tennessee lawmaker calls for removal of higher education

Flight music to Seattle is @todrick‬, of course. When you are trapped in a flying metal tube, what else?

I finally looked up what bullet journalling is, since everyone is talking about it.

Isn’t it just SCRUM-for-ONE, ANALOG-Edition?

“Throwback to to my youth” concert last night … 3 bands, each been together 40+ years. A lot of fun, good food, good time with friends. Berlin, OMD and headliner B-52s.

Went to a concert last night … this is what a modern concert looks like …