I’m teaching a 3rd year 3D Computer Graphics class at GT this fall (~150 students; insane, but not the point here)

I’m thinking twitch streaming my video game playing and telling my students if they see me, they can ask graphics questions.

Good idea? Bad idea? Insane?

I just scored a BINGO on my “breathless fanboy Silicon Valley BS blog post” bingo card. 😡

Kind of annoying, I’m usually better about detecting those before I waste some of the “precious minutes I have left on this earth” reading them. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Set up the Vive Wireless Adaptor and Vive Headphone Replacement Strap on the VR PC. Why didn’t I do this earlier? Now all I need is a VR focused web browser that doesn’t require me to return to the console to type …

A thing that annoys me about my personal attempts at using social media: my complete inability to type short sentences without typos in them.

I wonder what percentage of tweets of mine have typos? (Today is non-zero, sadly)

Stop posting long-form Content to Services Where you Don't Control It

I have run across a few posts on Twitter recently generated via twitlonger.com, and I’d like to encourage people to #ownyourcontent and not write it on these sorts of services.

Create a micro.blog, it’s free. Write posts there and have them automatically posted to twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Mastodon. If/when you want to turn your micro.blog into a “real blog”, you’ll have your content there, not buried in Twitter, making the Silicon Valley bigwigs and VC’s rich at your expense.

As a bonus, micro.blog can read and re-post other feeds, so when I post something on my actual blog blairmacintyre.me/blog, it appears on my micro.blog too, and gets forwarded elsewhere.

(BTW, this isn’t a slam of twitlonger.com, which looks cool … I just think the whole concept is misguided)

(Normallly I post longer things like this on my actually blog, but it seemed appropriate to post this directly to my micro.blog. The free url is micro.blog/blair, but I pay a few bucks a month so it appears as bmaci.me)

Time for a Haus Party with @todrick music.apple.com

To the rocket scientists suing Apple because of their “monopolistic” App Store: this is what happens when you don’t control the App Store. Just saying. apple.news

‘Agent Smith’ Android malware infected 25M devices - Mashable

I loved and hated Rocket League, this is amusing apple.news

Congress is bad at Rocket League - The Verge

“Peak Silicon Valley”: Uber Comfort costs more, but it’s worth it to the better-off to not have to acknowledge their living-hand-to-mouth-gig-worker driver is a human being

Is it just me, or have the use of “click on images with X in them” CAPTCHA’s become insanely pervasive? I’m getting to the point where I want to punch my screen when one of those appears