@toddgrotenhuis ya, that was pretty bad! Decent amount of snow, too

@blair let me reply to my own post and say "you should have titled this Dual Dual-PC Streaming Setup with Lit Technology"

@toddgrotenhuis I had installed a version of it on a GitHub Pages site, it’s super cool it works with ghost!

@jack I hear you. My limiting factor is I couldn’t ever convince myself to use paper, and a digital version was what worked. But the iPad was too frustratin.

I do wish it was faster to flip, or that there was a rapid access to a set of bookmarks or page list.

@Gaby if you swap the beats and pro, that’s my order!

@toddgrotenhuis <waves>

@toddgrotenhuis just saw the NOA forecast and they are predicting warmer/drier for the south. Sadness.

@jemostrom I miss winter living in Atlanta. We haven't had snow for years ... much sadness.

@endonend that's a tuckered out pup.

@jack haha. Broke that habit years ago. First it was having to use XCodea d Visual Studio for things, and then it was just atrophy: once I wasn’t using it for long periods it got harder to use. Now I just use VSCode for everything and I’m happy.

@jessekelber she’s a rescue mutt from a shelter, but we think she’s mostly Plott Hound ...

@toddgrotenhuis I had Kinesis Freestyles for years; I recently got a Gaming RGB one. In the end, I like the more compact layout and, honestly, the Raise let's me get my fav switches (I don't like the options on the Kinesis Gaming ones).

@jack I hear you! I've used a bunch, split and not. I like the Raise because it snaps together nicely, so you can go “not split" if you like, and it's nice and compact. And if you want the compact with F and arrow keys accessed through modifiers, the extra thumb mods are great.

@scientifics the more I think about it the more I like the mini option. Most of the important upgrades (speed, main camera features), miss a few cam features I don’t really care about

@Burk Darn right.

@simonwoods I just keep tracking protection cranked up in the browsers I use (Firefox, Edge for Mac, sometimes Safari) and if a site is acting weird, I may consider letting it's garbage through.

Going to a site that absolutely fails is a marker it would be on your list. :)

I just wish Edge and Safari had something like Firefox Containers so I could isolate sites like I would do when I mostly used Firefox.

@Bruce hahaha. You two ... the problem is if I lay down, the puppy jumps all over, the 100lb dog gets involved, and the oldest dog walks away in disgust.

@dancohen our dogs are sooooo tired. Normally, it's nice and peaceful and they get lots of sleep during the day. Now ... people! Things! Activity! Make it stop!

@MrHenko Looks about right. ;)

@sarcassem he’s the most “platonic ideal of a puppy” we’ve had of all the puppies we’ve had. He’s adorable

@sarcassem specifically, the one thing that isn't working is charging the powerwall from the grid. Georgia has an EV rate, that is 1c/min 11pm to 7am, 20c/min 2pm to 7pm, and 7c otherwise (typically rate is 7-9c/min at all hours). The powerwall supports a mode where it charges itself during the cheap time, and then uses it's power and the solar during the more expensive hours. BUT so far, my powerwall is only charging from solar. I would expect it should be charged 100% by 7am, and then discharge power in the morning to make space for excess solar, and then discharge with solar during 2pm-7pm time to ensure no grid is used, and then finish discharging as much as it can till 11pm. Instead, it's charging from solar in the morning and mid day and discharging during 2pm-7pm, and then stopping discharge. So, it is preventing us from using grid during 2pm-7pm, but yesterday the battery was still 85% full at that point, and it's still like that now. Which is still a win if we switch to EV rather, but not as much as it should be (cost wise). I spoke with Tesla support, they said it might take a week or two for it to learn our usage patterns before it starts pulling from the grid at all. I will report back.

@sarcassem we just got it up and running this week. It’s still not working exactly right but the Tesla folks say that should fix itself after a week or two

@dominikhoecht BTW, I asked around about recent court cases, and my random sample of folks I trust says that using Fathom's approach is ok and doesn't require me to ask the user. I'm no lawyer, and my blog is small, so I'm not worried about this.

@dominikhoecht do you have a pointer to the court decision? I'd be interested in knowing how the Fathom people think about this. I personally think there should be some line where doing some form of web analytics is ok. My understanding of Fathom's approach is they do enough to distinguish unique visitors, without generating the kind of info that I would consider "tracking”. Which is what I want, personally.

@dominikhoecht see usefathom.com/news/anon... this. They don’t use cookies, and designed it to be gdpr compliant....