@jean it’s less surprising if you know the dogs names since I’m calling the one in the hole, but I find the whole thing funny.

This video was from a while ago: I destroyed their cave, which was about the size of a king sized bed under there. Quite spacious

@Burk impressive. Bummer to end it, tho.

@klandwehr indeed :)

@dancohen My wife (Boston) and my daughter (South Hadley) have been sending such pictures my way. It's chilly here (Atlanta) too, but well above freezing and no white fluffy stuff.

I'm looking forward to being around the white fluffy stuff in a year or so!

@cliffordbeshers that’s clearly what she thinks

@Miraz funny you should ask, we just got a doggie DNA done (yes I know they aren’t super accurate): 40-60%: Redbone Coonhound 10-25%: Border Collie 10-25%: Whippet < 10%: Rhodesian Ridgeback

She is a jumper. Not a huge dog but springy. And smart. And stubborn. Not a people pleaser

@Burk I tried using a compact keyboard that move the ~ key and I could never adapt. I don’t use it a lot either but it seems it’s still hardwired 😂

@hollyhoneychurch I think she was doing a sort of sugary buttercream, but it seems less sugary and sweet than the stuff we normally have

@cliffordbeshers thanks Cliff. Been a long time, we should catch up sometime

@odd yes indeed! Those cooking channels on YouTube that she enjoys are really paying dividends for the rest of the family. 😂

@hollyhoneychurch I know, right? (To be fair, the cupcakes were a darker slightly bitter chocolate, and she uses a Japanese icing recipe which also isn’t too sweet 😂😂😂)

@mvr she makes good cupcakes, but has been obsessing with practicing her icing-art. She makes some amazing cakes too

@hollyhoneychurch it was hard to take a bite and wreck them 😂

@Burk thanks! They were great!

@toddgrotenhuis ya, that was pretty bad! Decent amount of snow, too

@blair let me reply to my own post and say "you should have titled this Dual Dual-PC Streaming Setup with Lit Technology"

@toddgrotenhuis I had installed a version of it on a GitHub Pages site, it’s super cool it works with ghost!

@jack I hear you. My limiting factor is I couldn’t ever convince myself to use paper, and a digital version was what worked. But the iPad was too frustratin.

I do wish it was faster to flip, or that there was a rapid access to a set of bookmarks or page list.

@Gaby if you swap the beats and pro, that’s my order!

@toddgrotenhuis <waves>

@toddgrotenhuis just saw the NOA forecast and they are predicting warmer/drier for the south. Sadness.

@jemostrom I miss winter living in Atlanta. We haven't had snow for years ... much sadness.

@endonend that's a tuckered out pup.

@jack haha. Broke that habit years ago. First it was having to use XCodea d Visual Studio for things, and then it was just atrophy: once I wasn’t using it for long periods it got harder to use. Now I just use VSCode for everything and I’m happy.

@jessekelber she’s a rescue mutt from a shelter, but we think she’s mostly Plott Hound ...