@Bruce hahaha. You two ... the problem is if I lay down, the puppy jumps all over, the 100lb dog gets involved, and the oldest dog walks away in disgust.

@dancohen our dogs are sooooo tired. Normally, it's nice and peaceful and they get lots of sleep during the day. Now ... people! Things! Activity! Make it stop!

@MrHenko Looks about right. ;)

@sarcassem he’s the most “platonic ideal of a puppy” we’ve had of all the puppies we’ve had. He’s adorable

@sarcassem specifically, the one thing that isn't working is charging the powerwall from the grid. Georgia has an EV rate, that is 1c/min 11pm to 7am, 20c/min 2pm to 7pm, and 7c otherwise (typically rate is 7-9c/min at all hours). The powerwall supports a mode where it charges itself during the cheap time, and then uses it's power and the solar during the more expensive hours. BUT so far, my powerwall is only charging from solar. I would expect it should be charged 100% by 7am, and then discharge power in the morning to make space for excess solar, and then discharge with solar during 2pm-7pm time to ensure no grid is used, and then finish discharging as much as it can till 11pm. Instead, it's charging from solar in the morning and mid day and discharging during 2pm-7pm, and then stopping discharge. So, it is preventing us from using grid during 2pm-7pm, but yesterday the battery was still 85% full at that point, and it's still like that now. Which is still a win if we switch to EV rather, but not as much as it should be (cost wise). I spoke with Tesla support, they said it might take a week or two for it to learn our usage patterns before it starts pulling from the grid at all. I will report back.

@sarcassem we just got it up and running this week. It’s still not working exactly right but the Tesla folks say that should fix itself after a week or two

@dominikhoecht BTW, I asked around about recent court cases, and my random sample of folks I trust says that using Fathom's approach is ok and doesn't require me to ask the user. I'm no lawyer, and my blog is small, so I'm not worried about this.

@dominikhoecht do you have a pointer to the court decision? I'd be interested in knowing how the Fathom people think about this. I personally think there should be some line where doing some form of web analytics is ok. My understanding of Fathom's approach is they do enough to distinguish unique visitors, without generating the kind of info that I would consider "tracking”. Which is what I want, personally.

@dominikhoecht see usefathom.com/news/anon... this. They don’t use cookies, and designed it to be gdpr compliant....

@smokey I officially finally finished the lights yesterday!

@canion just the obvious icing ... so good …

@Gabz edit, annotate if important, if the auto-tweet needs to change I’ll do that manually.

I’m incapable of posting something without typos, so this is pretty common

@adamprocter oh, I just checked, it looks like I can log into multiple accounts now. I’ll give it a go in the spring semester

@adamprocter haven’t used Teams enough to have an opinion. When they finally role out multi-account support in the app I’ll be able to. Georgia Tech is on O365 so it would be a good match for things here.

@blair fwiw, the camera quality isn’t great, not even as a video conferencing camera, so I’m returning it.

@adamprocter also now done: two slabs of pork belly in the fridge in the basement, curing. One with honey in the cure, for bacon. The other with pepper, juniper, etc which will eventually hang rolled up in the wine cellar to become pancetta.

@adamprocter indeed. I would classify it in this context as “all the shit that’s not video games that I also want to do” like the garden, exercise, playing bagpipes, curing meat, reading, hanging out with family... and that doesn’t even count “working two mostly full time jobs”

@dancohen Subscribed, that looks like a great topic!

@JohnPhilpin not sure the question ... the Fuji’s are aps-c

@JohnPhilpin people are blown away by my webcam. It’s so worth it. It’s lovely.

You only live once! Life’s to short for crappy webcams! 🤣

@brandonlee Poking around, I think I'm going to consider the idea of abandoning full-frame. I think if I was going full-frame mirrorless, it would be a Z6, which would be about $1000 to start (Nikon has a trade-in, I could keep my lenses and trade in my D750 to get a Z6 + lens adaptor).

Looking at the Fuji X-H1, and seeing the rumors that the H2 might come out soon (the H1 came out before the T3, so it's missing some key things), I am going to wait and see. If I can get an H2 and the $500 35mm Fuji prime lens for ~ what I can trade in my D750 for, I'd be tempted. The IBIS alone might be worth it.

On the other hand, I'd want to touch it first; the H1 seems similar in size to the D750. So who knows.

@brandonlee thanks Brandon. It seems the reviews push to Nikon Z6 or Sony A7 III cameras ... both might be a tiny bit more than I want when considering lenses. I'm somewhat shocked how much the glass for these costs, though. That said, Nikon has a “trade up to Z6" promo right now, where I could trade in my D750, get a Z6 and ZTX lens adaptor (so keep my old glass), for about $1000. Might be the right time to jump …

@JohnPhilpin I started at that point, many years ago (D70 + a few lenses). Slowly kept upgrading (thus, D750 right now, plus a bunch of primes and a telephoto I quite literally never use).

For me, I find I never carry it because it's too bulky. So, after lots of chat here, I got the X100F (see story here blairmacintyre.me/2019/05/1...).

But the tradeoffs for me don't fit your requirements. I wanted a single fixed lens so I wouldn't have the templation of multiple lenses (which would make it too bulky) and I didn't want a zoom because I wanted fast (for low light) and (again) didn't want the distraction.

I never use telephoto lenses because I'm usually shooting in low light and so I want speed.

The cameras kept getting more $$ because I craved better image quality. But I suspect I could do more with less money right now.

Part of the reason I posted this questions to @brandonlee was because I am totally out of touch with the latest cameras. I know I want a good sensor (priority #1) and a couple of good prime lenses (priority #2). But are there things out there that approach the image quality of my D750 without a lot of it's features-I-dont-use, for less money?

FWIW, I have a Canon SL3 that I use as a webcam, with a cheap 35mm f2 lens, and it seems to take nice pics. And it's small and light. But I have no idea what the competators are like, and what I'd think if I was using it as a camera. It's certainly WAY better than my iPhoneXS!

@brandonlee I have another camera question that I though I'd toss your way. I'm really liking the X100F, and pondering replacing my D750 (plus lenses). I can probably get ~$1500 for what I have, and would love to get a interchangable mirrorless. Size less of an issue, probably want a few good primes, would prefer to stay around or under $2000 ... Nikon Z's are out, Sony's high end are out.

Essentially, I want the best of my D750 (image quality for portraits and around-home pics), but in a smaller, more managable package.

Is this even possible?

@gerwitz haha. I think this would NOT be a great replacement for the lemon sorbet.