Got spam from @georgiatech Athletics; I admit I’m finding the subject line “Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate” pretty tone def in our current world. Yes, I know it’s an old slogan about a childish “rivalry”, but it’s kinda pathetic that a university is frivolously encouraging “hate”.

I made the decision on the weekend (for various reasons) to pull most of my photos into Apple Photos. Photos is taking … a while. I may have miscalculated? 🙄

I’ve been working OT for the past few weeks, not really playing or watching Overwatch; just peeked at the app and caught the last few minutes of SFS beating VAN in the stage 2 playoffs … first loss for VAN! Wish I’d seen it, actually ….

Looking for good people who have interesting things to say about AR/VR games and the web. “Asking for a friend”

Especially interested in ideas about the place of big sites (kongregate, itchio, etc)

Upgraded son’s iPhone for his bday, his old SE has become my fav AR dev device. Weird. It’s more than fast enough to do WebXR/AR (using WebXR Viewer), and it’s nice and small

Weirder; it’s faster than the X series phones for this. Something is amis

See you in the Clyde Auditorium (remote, VR edition!) for the #CHI2019 opening keynote! It’ll be 4am here in Atlanta, but I have coffee!

(Accessible through our Discord server at )

That moment when you realize you left a Hubs tab open in one of the CHI channels, because someone starts talking to you over audio (!!) … ghosts in the machine!

(Also: hmm, I wonder if anyone was in the room when I was having “debugging challenges” yesterday… eeek)

We’re getting our Discord server set up with Hubs rooms for the 17 CHI livestreams, starting tomorrow!

I’ll be here watching the opening keynote, 4am EST. If you’re not at CHI, and want to hang out with others watching the streams, come join us.

A little home made lardons makes the Brussels sprouts taste better ….

Call for Mozilla Research Grants for 2019H1 are open! Detailed topics we’re interested in, and instructions for submitting, available at…