Finally starting to try and get back to regular exercise. Doing yoga first thing every day, and starting to mix in some other exercise. Today I got back on the rowing machine for the first time in a while. Been doing a little weights (very little). #eversoslowly

Our youngest pupper loves playing in the hose water … none of our other dogs over have, so this is (charming) new ground for me.

She’s also a complete terror in so many ways, and fearless, which is probably why she wasn’t afraid of the water from the hose.

Small Network Upgrade

I updated my Ubiquiti home gateway from the USG and CloudKey2 to the UDM; it was pretty easy (backup configs for cloudkey and protect, and load them into those sections of the UDM, connect and it eventually rebound all devices). The higher powered UDM solves two problems.

First , it lets me get full speed on my pathetic 75up/7down network while having “smart queues” (QoS) enabled (the USG would only do about 40/5).

Second, I can turn all the goodies back on that would have further slowed the USG; intrusion detection, network scanning, and deep packet inspection.

Got fed up with needing to keep keyboard and mouse for both my computers (in my dual setup) within reach (when I mostly use my PC for streaming/audio), so I installed Synergy and it has been working great so far! Cut/Paste has already been a win, too.

Other options too! Come join Keybase!

Encrypted Messaging App Signal Sees Surge in Popularity Following WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update…

Had my first tele-health physical therapy apt this morning …. won’t do f2f anything if avoidable till vaccinated, no idea when that will happen! Lucky to have a PT who will do that. #covidlife

Haven’t been posting on m (or blog) since before the election…. Twitter sucked me back in with all the “urgent craziness” …. need to return to the more slow and persistent posts/topics

Young puppy to slightly older puppy: “PLAY WITH ME NOW”.

Slightly older puppy: “… sigh …”

Older dog #1 (snoozing in background): “Ya, you play with her.”

Older dog #2 (snoozing upstairs): “Whatever.”

Guinea pig (in cage): “Did someone say carrot?”

eSports for older adults. Same games, different queues/leagues? Different games? Zero chance “competitive card games” will ever interest me, so I assume others feel the same.

For fun, tested the speed of AT&T’s crappy fake 5G on my iPhone XS… yikes, that some questionable upload times

My 2015 eGolf has a 24.2 kWh battery, this Hummer EV’s battery is> 200kWh…. holy cow, i hope your electricity is clean. Still, better than gas (it gets better w/ the grid)

American excess is back with the 1,000hp 2022 GMC Hummer EV truck

I created a “evening meeting lounge” in my Hubs Cloud social VR site, for when I have evening meetings, and I think the “Panda cam” really ties it together. (note: I didn’t make the model, just used the one Jim on the Hubs team madE)

Just voted! If you’re in Dekalb county, get on down to Agnes Scott, less than 10 mins from getting in line to selfie time!

Morning skin care routine: hang out with two puppies on couch, get excessive, somewhat aggressive, face licks. “Yum” #houndLife

Who’s a cute puppy? Yes, you’re a cute puppy, Zoey.

Nope. Spend less, get a superior @DygmaLab Raise. Split keyboards are better, and you can swap your switches.

HHKB Type-S Review: This Is the Perfect Keyboard

I don’t care about the better cameras on iPhones. They still suck by objective measures (thats why I have a Z5 now).

And as I look through my phone camera roll, most pics are utilitarian, not aesthetic. Like this pic of a “big butt about to go on the smoker”

American history is filled with evil people making fortunes by destroying others, and then rehabilitating their reputations through philanthropy. Think Carnegie and Rockefeller, and recently Gates.

Imagine Zuckerberg et al remembered only as saints. Give it 50 years.

I didn’t even bother to follow the @Apple event today. I have an iPhone XS, it’s “fine”. The only thing interesting today was the iPhone 12 Mini, because it is somewhat smaller … I’ve always hated the move to “BIG!” on phones, and yearn for a smaller device.

Question from a friend: “hey Blair, random question: what webcam do you use? You seem to have a pretty crisp image and I’m in the market for a new one”…

Wish I could see his reaction when he sees the cost of a z5 and 35mm prime.

Been using Calendly to have students, colleagues, and external folks schedule meetings with me, and it’s (mostly) going great. Two downsides: - Calendly doesn’t allow editing of the event contents after creation - Be careful with the time blocks, or you get holes in your day

You can buy Waffle House hashbrowns, dehydrated just like the restaurant uses, on their website.

You’re welcome.

Lead story in Morning Brew today: Roblox. Still remember when it was just that horrible game my kid played. How far they’ve come.


I’d fallen into using Twitter as a news / info source. I decided to dump twitter and go back to using … oh my, I’d forgotten how much better that is, with a good set of feeds hooked up.

Was very happy to tweet this, so posting on the for posterity:

I sold all my @oculus gear and gave the proceeds to the @EFF. Join me in celebrating 30 years of @EFF fighting for our online privacy and free speech #EFF30