‪Not drinking booze right now, been looking into “mocktails”, esp ones that aren’t glorified soda or fruit juice (ie, boring, sugary). Discovered @SeedlipDrinks … amazing. Not cheap, but cheaper than good booze!

‘Sup, nerds

It’s been 3 years since I looked at Typescript. Nothing has changed, right? I should be good to go? Whipping up some sample code for my upcoming class should be a cake walk? (ok, I have all the previous materials, but so much of that has changed too).

I’ll be hosting all materials for my class this fall on github. I’m teaching CS 3451, Introduction to Computer Graphics, at Georgia Tech. Like the last time I taught, in Fall 2015, I’ll be using 100% web technology for the class, and (mostly likely) using TypeScript

The lost of impact, and sharing with the world, that results from our classes disappearing inside opaque, crappy “courseware” systems is really sad. I used to find my slides in use at lots of schools, especially small ones.

I shan’t be using these systems going forward.

Years ago, @georgiatech started using a horrible “courseware” system, like everyone else. At the time, I bemoaned that our courses were becoming hidden from the world. I’m teaching CS3451 in the fall, after 4 years, so I googled “CS3451 gatech”, and find … nothing useful.

Can we narrow the Democratic field, please?

Biden and Sanders are toast, wonder when they admit it? Seems the remaining viable candidates are Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, and Castro. Add Booker and Klobuchar, perhaps O’Rourke and Gillibrand for 8 (although those last two are likely toast too). Would like to see Biden and Sanders admit defeat sooner rather than later, so perhaps the establishment can get over Biden’s departure soon, and the Bernie Bros can throw their tantrum but have time to realize that Warren carries their issues in a smarter, more coherent, less crazy-uncle way. As of right now, I’m happy to see Warren or Harris win.

I did a Trip Advisor review once, in 2012. Every few months, they send me a helpful message letting me know that “with just 2 reviews you’ll reach TripCollective Level 1?”

I’m passively aggressively never ever going to do another Trip Advisor review

What is the opposite of OCD? As in, someone who can’t resist moving one of a group of neatly aligned post-its, or drawing on a clean whiteboard? #askingforafriend

This is pretty spot on (although I like Harris more than this would imply I should). “If The Democratic Primary Field Was a University History Department” notesironbound.blogspot.com/2019/06/i…