I’ve rediscovered how much I like the London Fog (Earl Grey tea, half cup of hot water, squirt of vanilla syrup, frothed milk). I use less vanilla than a coffee shop, and we’re using Oat Milk (one of the only non-cow milks that our espresso machine frother gets along with) #yum

Spent the last two weeks in Whistler, Vancouver and Seattle. Gotta say, being back in #hotlanta, looking forward at July and August, is kinda depressing …

Love the northwest, the mountains, the clean crisp air.


In honor of our campus visit to @SFU with our daughter, I’m listening to some of the best pipe music I have on my phone

I’ve had multiple people over the past month tell me they find my frequent use of two spaces after a period amusingly old fashioned. If they only knew how many times I remove one of those spaces… #kidsthesedays

Oh, this is cute. A “browser for the old internet”, using the wayback machine, so you can experience the web as it looked from 1994-2004 … defaulted to 1996, here’s my Columbia web page in 1996.

Sadly, the last one isn’t satire …. 😡 You Are Now Browsing In Incognito Mode - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

One less myth… Rice Is for Dinner, Not Repair - iFixit

“Chrome has become surveillance software, it’s time to switch” (love the corny video in the article, too!) Is Firefox better than Chrome? It comes down to privacy. - The Washington Post

What could be more American than a VR game called “Vacation Simulator”? Presumably one plays this while working late?

(Ok ok, I haven’t played it yet, and the videos are cute, but you gotta admit, sometimes the snark writes itself)