Always enjoy reading Jaron’s takes on tech and society. Great counterpoint to the corporate university culture I find myself in.…

Today would have been high school graduation for my daughter, followed by a @BTS_twt concert at @georgiatech stadium. Instead we did a graduation in the front yard and are watching #BTS concerts online … not what we expected, but we’re safe and healthy, so thankful. #staysafe

Chilling before the start of the #CHI2020 #SocialVR workshop (see … excited to be giving the opening talk to such a great group of folks!

Transformer blew nearby …. power went out … but not here!

Trying out the VR exercise app @GetSuperNatural on the Quest. Nice first round. 20 mins, got the heart rate up and feeling a nice burn in the arms/shoulders and quads. (Shame the Quest loses track of controllers sometimes)

My 100 pound dog does not come back when she escapes. Invariably this is the end game, and it happened twice today. TWICE.

Interesting article, but feels misguided in all kinds of ways.

Fortnite and the Metaverse: Why Epic Games may build the next version of the Internet - The Washington Post

“I’m a big dog and it was warm, so I dug a nice hole, rolled around in the cool dirt, and now I’m just hanging out.” #goodgirlneedsabath

The very definition of lazy Saturday (there’s a girl-child in that blanket somewhere under that puppy)

There is a special place in Hell for ppl who stand w/ their dogs and chat in front of someone’s house, when they can hear the dogs in that house going ape-shit mad and barking like fools. You know there are people in the house, right? You have a dog, you know how annoying it is

I hope my biggest problem today is the one I currently face: all three dogs want to be petted at the same time. Should I do the rapid back and forth hand switch, or one gets a bit of a rub with a foot, or should I just lay on the floor and let them have at me?

Giving Quill a go to jot off a quick note from my phone onto my

Ok, I’ve earned my next #urbanfarmer achievement: cleaned out what was left of the winter garden(pic attached), hailed the compost I made over the winter up to the front yard, tilled it into the dirt with my yuppie electric tiller, and planted the summer stuff

I’ll just put these two things out there together. Monty Python was onto something.……

2 of 3 dogs (especially the puppy) vote that daddy shouldn’t get any work done this morning. Other dog … “I’m good, hanging with mom.”

Taking a break from keeping up with Covid-19-induced conference and education institutional closures, to bring you a picture of our new puppy (he’s a month old, turns out the timing was “not ideal” for an academic running a conference in March)

Thinking about presentations in @ByHubs reminds me again of something I’ve wanted for quite some time: a pure webgl implementation of reveal.js …. I hacked a version to let me show AR through the slides but the slides were still DOM objects …

Summer task, perhaps

About a dozen years ago I taught an AR class in the room I’m teaching 3D UI in. I set up a nice high-end tracker in the space, and the targets are still hanging from the ceiling. Anyone recognize it?

It is raining and just above freezing … glad to have bought new rain gear for the bike ride …. need a good solution for my feet though 😭

Today’s “Professor doing things with code” moment is hacking on a Slack invitation bot so it only allows invites to emails listed in a file of “email / name” pairs, and then sets the newly invited account to have that name. Allow (but not force) use of Slack @ our conference.

I’ve continue my descent into “learning” to deploy things via modern technology; this morning I set up an AWS EC2 server, running node, with a Lets Encrypt cert on a domain I purchased on Route 53.

I am truly exercising my advanced CS degrees. And Google search.

Charged up the batteries off solar for much of the day, been running the house of the dwindling sunlight and stored power for the last few hours and still plenty of battery left …

I just wrote a little shell script that uses awk to process a file from CVS into a .json, and then curl to push it to a web API.

This may be easy for you, but those were mental muscles I hadn’t exercised for quite some time.


The recommendations in this article sound really good. I’d take it more seriously if the author could keep the mumbo jumbo “biohacking” and “literally rewiring your brain” BS out of it

Delta Skyclub free cocktail of the day: Espresso Negroni. (Exactly that: add some espresso to a traditional Negroni). Surprisingly good. Auspicious start to the trip.