Is my GT school faculty email list trying to tell me something?

(2/2) To support our social VR CHI video co-watching, I created a discord server, where we’ll find each other and organize (note: hubs can be accessed on desktop and mobile, you don’t need to use VR). If you’re interested, join

(½) HCI and academic friends … especially people NOT going to CHI! Some of us are going to use Mozilla Hubs to co-watch some of the talks, to explore how social VR could help with accessibility and a better-than-watching-the-stream-alone remote experience

The Uberization of Academic Conferences … I honestly don’t know what to think about this, but I imagine some pretty funny/sad dystopian short stories based on the near-future evolution of this…

After reading more about current/modern travel/street cameras, I have a better understanding of what I want. small “enough”. Very little lens “bump” in the pocket. Fast, fixed (not interchangeable) prime lens.

Current candidate: FujiFilm X100F

Teenage son sleepover party: 6 boys, 4 PCs (Fortnite, Overwatch) on desks, XBox One (assorted) and Switch (Assorted) on two big screen TVs. One big room. Hue lights + disco. Lots of chips and pizza. Ill-defined bedtime.

Thinking of getting a compact, mirrorless, high quality camera. Something akin to the Leica D-LUX 7.

I admit I’m a bit nervous buy Luxury brands, and haven’t really dug into current market much. I like the image quality of my D750, I just don’t carry it much..

Hangouts and WebEx are finicky about finding my camera, so I plugged in a Cam Like 4K and my Nikon D750 for a couple of video conferences today. OMG that’s so much better than a web cam! But, D750 shuts off after short time; need a new camera for this, so sweet! Canon SL3?

Overwatch now has a custom workshop where you can script your own behaviors and characters.

I personal have little interest in this. The last thing I want to do when I get done with programming for work is program for play.

Was waiting for a call, accidentally answered a robocaller (yes, it’s at the point where I never answer my phone because of the volume of robocalls.)

Just sat the phone down and let them talk, sadly they hung up after 2 minutes, according to my phone log