Removing all the street parking spots from “city center”, converting to bike lanes and pedestrian areas; how wonderful. I wish Atlanta would take the streets near the core of areas like Virginia Highlands (where I live) and get rid of street parking

One of my TAs made this, goofing around with the ray tracing assignment

Street performer in New Orleans yesterday, great voice, singing “I feel like a natural woman” #UIST2019

Dog says “The pet rabbit is on the other side of the door!”

Setting up an avatar for #UIST2019 next week. I’ll be there, but when I’m in the remote rooms, I need to look the part. Front and back.

I planted a fall garden (because I live in Atlanta, and thanks to global warming, there is no longer a winter), and it starting to sprout! (say hello to some teeny tiny radish plants)

I’m going to be attending UIST in New Orleans, and helping run the “Remote Social Experiences” setup (using streaming Twitch video and Mozilla’s Hubs platform) (links soon!). The tech is solid, I’m mostly nervous about blowing my diet. 😂

Pleased to see @htcvive calling out the value of privacy in vision-based tracking system design in their blog post about how and why the Wireless Adaptor works with the Vive Cosmos.

More substantial than what Oculus said at all of OC6? (“kidding”)

This video speaks to me. Claire from-the-Bon-Appetit-Test-Kitchen’s videos are adorable…

I made this Easy Dulce de Leche Recipe yesterday, and just opened the can (using it to make ice cream this morning). OMG it’s so good, my mind is blown.

California signed their law allowing athletes to benefit from their likenesses through licensing. This great! Next steps: allow these minor league teams to pay athletes, then eventually bring down the whole abusive system #endtheNCAA

An amazing group of people! The 29 Newest @Mozilla Fellows are technologists, activists, lawyers, and scientists and will spend the next several months supporting a healthier internet, with a focus on more trustworthy AI.

sometimes, Reddit is awesome.…

Remembered I needed to massage the cure into the pork bellies curing in the downstairs fridge (needs to be done every few days). They look great, so I’m wearing this shirt today in their honor

Ok, you want to know why I think YOU SHOULD NEVER BUY AN OCULUS DEVICE? In their AR announcement today they reveal plans to build a live detailed map of the world (presumably automatically, no opt out) from the camera on it. “99% likely” that Quest’s data will get used, too

Ok, I try to avoid too much Apple Fanboi posting, but this tiny excerpt in the list of iOS 13.1 features highlights that this is the moment the future has arrived

‪I fired up my new cheap electric tiller and I tilled some earth.‬

That’s not even a euphemism for anything. I’m prepping the raised garden beds for some winter crops.

It’s practically biblical around here.

It’s podcast time! I had a fun chat with Mojtaba Tabatabaie last April and WebXR and web-based AR/VR in general, and it’s now out there for all to hear. AllThingsXR Episode 13 : Blair MacIntyre – WebXR and the implementation of AR/VR on the Web

And here I thought the “Facebook camera in your living room” was nuts. Now Facebook is going to try and convince people to let them read their thoughts?


RIP. We pulled Argon4 from Google Play store, it stopped working a while ago and there’s nobody with the time or need to update it. With WebXR coming out on mobile soon, it’s day’s were numbered (although it’ll be quite some time before WebXR has similar capabilities)

One day in, I’m quite pleased with the series 3 -> series 5 watch update.

Bigger screen is great, but always-on is the bomb. Biggest annoyance of the thing is history.

(I’m not actually an Apple Watch fanatic, but I find it useful. Now more so)

Hey, look, another vegetable garden bed. You really can get things done when you stop playing video games. 🤣

OMG, more Facebook. They literally haven’t found a future-PR-disaster they aren’t willing to embrace. The description of these (ahem) “AR glasses” sounds like they took the most Glasshole-inducing ideas from Google Glass, and focused on delivering those

I’m still pondering a way to get hardware into every student’s hands for a 3D UI / AR / VR class in the spring

Plan is WebXR (plus a web-based graphics lib) to do desktop, AR and VR assignments

Need to do more than just phone-based

Anyone care to send me 60 or so 6dof HMDs?

How many times will I get “an exclusive invite” to OC6? Don’t they read my feed? 🙄