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@sarcassem specifically, the one thing that isn't working is charging the powerwall from the grid. Georgia has an EV rate, that is 1c/min 11pm to 7am, 20c/min 2pm to 7pm, and 7c otherwise (typically rate is 7-9c/min at all hours). The powerwall supports a mode where it charges itself during the cheap time, and then uses it's power and the solar during the more expensive hours. BUT so far, my powerwall is only charging from solar. I would expect it should be charged 100% by 7am, and then discharge power in the morning to make space for excess solar, and then discharge with solar during 2pm-7pm time to ensure no grid is used, and then finish discharging as much as it can till 11pm. Instead, it's charging from solar in the morning and mid day and discharging during 2pm-7pm, and then stopping discharge. So, it is preventing us from using grid during 2pm-7pm, but yesterday the battery was still 85% full at that point, and it's still like that now. Which is still a win if we switch to EV rather, but not as much as it should be (cost wise). I spoke with Tesla support, they said it might take a week or two for it to learn our usage patterns before it starts pulling from the grid at all. I will report back.