So, you say your dog likes to dig, do you?

Glad they are moving forward, but the image of “all currently encrypted data will become insecure, and criminals and bad actors are stockpiling it for that day” is a bit unsettling The cryptopocalypse is nigh! NIST rolls out new encryption standards to prepare - Ars Technica

I would buy Rhythm Heaven for iOS. It’s the only Nintendo DS game I miss. Thank you for listening.

I still wish symmetric 1GB fibre was available here, but the Comcost Xfinity is now connected to my UDM Pro gateway and it’s approx 10x faster than my ATT VDSL (860/44 vs 70/6). We’ll see how it performs over time.

My flakey ATT DSL is making it easy to not regret ordering Xfinity internet. Looking forward to Thursday afternoon installation.

Finally fed up enough with ATT VDSL being slow and unstable that I’m ordering comcast (which I swore I’d never do). We are moving in a year or so, so I’ll probably just keep both and hook them up to my Unify Pro gateway, making one a failover

Has anyone tried using eye-tracking w/ video chat, where the knowledge of WHO we are looking at is used to adjust everyones video per viewer (you can see who’s looking at you, and who’s looking elsewhere) and to adjust audio volumes (person I’m looking at is louder, etc)?

“Whatcha eating? Are you gonna share?”

(It’s always our sweet beige and white #pittie asking, but sometimes, like here, one or two of the other dogs join in. If I’m “lucky” I get all four)

The mystery of one of our dog’s escape from our yard is solved.

We have 6’ fence all around (she could jump the old 4’), one side is a wood one w/ cross beams (middle, near top). She jumps so her paws are OVER the top and on the middle beam, and then scrambles over. #DemonDog

I do like an article about fonts (and I am the sort of person would prefers serifs and likes Garamond)

Write It in Garamond - The New York Times

Interesting. Just arrived in Boston for the weekend. Good times. (null)

Reading Harlan Ellison’s bio on Wikipedia (after reading I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream) and this bit made me laugh (what with me being a professor and all)

Who are you calling a nerd?

also found this knickknack someone gave me as a joke gift a long time ago ….

I also found this mug I made when I was a grad student… still truthy… (yes, it needs cleaning)

Been a while since I cleaned off the desk in my GT office, found these little stickers. Good times, shame Mozilla abandoned MR to the duopoly…

Last night, we (mostly my daughter) made “succulent” ravioli… also nomnom

Also these ….

My daughter made cupcakes tonight. Nomnom.

“Snowstorm” in Atlanta. Surviving this means I’m clearly prepared to move to Boston

Why the climate-wrecking craze for crypto art really is beyond satire - John Naughton - The Guardian

It’s about time we stop using that image

Retiring “Lena”, the Playboy nude used to calibrate imaging tech

My daughter likes making Korean cream cheese garlic bread, and I approve.

Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s hoping for health and happiness, and we make some forward progress this year on Covid, climate, inequality, civil society, and everything else that’s important!

The youngest dog also was a bit … surprised … with the sound of the smallpipes. I haven’t played any of the bagpipes since before she was here, and decided to pull them out.

She started baying.

Either loved it, or hated it. Clearly. I chose love.